THERM consortium wins TSB funding

The Technology Strategy Board recently awarded £623k of funding over three years, to an independent consortium consisting of academic and business partners, to develop a new innovative commercial THrough-life Energy and Resource Modelling (THERM) tool.

The THERM project aims to move the manufacturing industry towards a more resource-efficient, low-carbon future, by developing an integrated sustainable manufacturing modelling tool (THERM).  The tool seeks to integrate ‘Sustainable Building Design’ tools and ‘Sustainable Manufacturing Process’ tools to achieve an ‘Integrated Sustainable Manufacturing’ system.  It is concerned with the creation of a new, innovative commercial modelling tool specifically for the manufacturing industry.

Drawing from the consortium’s widely acknowledged experience, THERM will change the way the manufacturing industry approaches low environmental impact and cost-effective design.

The team includes Airbus UK (aerospace) and Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK (automotive) who are highly representative of UK manufacturing and will provide test sites. Cranfield University and De Montfort University are experienced modellers and researchers in manufacturing processes, and buildings and services.  IES Ltd has the simulation tool development expertise, and market presence and clear motivation to exploit the tool for the benefit of the whole UK manufacturing industry.

Airbus and Toyota are already sophisticated in their energy reduction efforts, but recognise the potential through this tool to increase savings and spread their knowledge to the manufacturing community as a whole.  Extensive academic research will be undertaken alongside development of the tool and results substantiated in real-life situations at pilot project sites.

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