Cranfield University

Cranfield combines the academic rigour and long term perspective of a university with the commercial and business focus of industry. Key to this is a concern for and delight in the practical outcome of our work. The Manufacturing Department at Cranfield has a very active programme of industry sponsored research in the areas of manufacturing technology and manufacturing management.  A focus of the Manufacturing Systems Centre is the improvement in competitive manufacturing through modelling, innovation and low carbon developments. Cranfield was assessed as third in the UK for the impact of its mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing research. Cranfield is one of the UK’s top five research intensive universities.

Cranfield offers THERM:

  • Significant sustainable manufacturing and manufacturing simulation research to date
  • 4 manufacturing academics active in simulation research & application
  • RAE 2008 3rd in ‘power’ rank in NAM panel
  • Opportunity to integrate new toolset and thinking into existing unique MSc in Sustainable Manufacturing to educate future engineers in this domain.


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