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The De Montfort Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development (IESD) staff have undertaken research and consultancy for over 30 years to create the underlying knowledge and technologies necessary to achieve more energy-efficient and sustainable lifestyles.

The Institute employs a multi-disciplinary team of Professors, Lecturers, Fellows and Senior Fellows – supported by higher degree students – who are respected internationally for the quality of their work. Their disciplines range from mathematics and physics, through engineering, to economics and social psychology. This enables them to lead multi-disciplinary projects that address environmental, economic and social research problems.

The Institute provides a high quality environment for doctoral study and offers an established programme of flexible taught masters courses.

The Institute is a founder member of IBPSA-England, the English regional affiliate of the International Building Performance Simulation Association.

One of the main strengths of the IESD is building energy modelling. Specific research activities include topics;

  1. Ground source heat pump (GSHP) research with US DoE/OSU funding has resulted in a series of design and research software, including parts of Energy+ concerning GSHP design;
  2. Technologies for carbon emission reduction from buildings, carried out within the EPSRC CaRB (IESD as lead organisation) has resulted in a range of models and design guidance
  3. A state-of-the-art cybernetic model of human thermal comfort has resulted in one of the world’s most advanced thermal comfort models, which has been used by NASA, BMW as well as building designers and researchers;
  4. Climate-based daylight modelling has established a novel design methodology, supported by advanced modelling tools, which has been adopted by leading international organisations including the BSI
  5. Adaptation of UK dwellings to heatwaves; This research has generated quantitative guidance information for building designers and currently an online graphical interface is being developed by Prof L Shao.
  6. Future climate data in suitable formats for building design tools and simulation models.

The Technology Strategy Board project THERM is part of the IESD’s ongoing research in building energy modeling and design tools. Specifically, the IESD hopes that the integration of building modeling with modeling of activities within buildings, as being developed in THERM, will allow the exploration and establishment of a new generation of design tools that take better account of the activities, behaviours, and energy systems in buildings and thus become a more accurate tool suitable for more joined-up designs.

Professor Li Shao
Dr Andy Wright
Dr Rick Greenough
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Institute of Energy & Sustainable Development
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