Integrated Environmental Solutions

IES are a world leading software and consultancy company specialising in sustainable building design. IES have offices in UK and Ireland, Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. IES are a global vendor of software tools that assist Architects and Engineers design low energy sustainable buildings. IES have been instrumental in increasing the profile of sustainable building design through analysis software.

Founded 15 years ago IES’s robust and proven software has already become the most respected analysis package in the UK, and is rapidly gaining global recognition, particularly within North America and Australia. Our software is currently used in over 130 countries throughout the world. Ten out of the top ten UK engineers, ten out of the top ten UK consultants and five out of the top ten UK architects (Building magazine’s annual UK industry review, 2007) use our software, while IES’s international consultancy team is renowned for their work on Heathrow T5, the Scottish Parliament Building and Wal-Marts Global Sustainable Store Initiative.

We are focused to deliver real change in integrated sustainable analysis, and have a strong desire to extend this to sustainable analysis of the industrial system. This drive extends to altruism, where IES provide free energy and carbon assessment software that is applicable throughout the world though its VE-Ware product.  IES also provide a free UK building regulation tool VE-SBEM.


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