AIM: zero emissions
At Toyota we believe that it is our responsibility to lead the industry’s response to the environmental challenge. Through a combination of wide-ranging creative technologies, and in cooperation with our key stakeholders –industry, government, non-governmental organisations, partners and customers –we have already achieved a great deal, and with their support we aim to achieve much more.

THERM offers us an opportunity to identify potential energy “matches” between processes and buildings which it is currently difficult to complete using existing methods. The chance to participate in such a project with another sector, academia and a software supplier is unique and already has provided many benefits. Our aim is that through THERM’s leadership we can contribute to society in a positive way

Reducing the environmental impact of our UK operations has been a consistent activity since our first vehicle left the line. With a challenging spirit TMUK has continuously applied the Toyota Production System (TPS) and kaizen (the Japanese word for “continuous improvement”) in our four main focus areas of water, energy, voc emissions and waste.

Our response affects not only our products but every aspect of our business and every person in it. Guided by a clear vision of sustainable mobility, which strikes a balance between economic growth and environmental protection, we are:
•pioneering ground-breaking environmental technologies such as hybrid (petrol/electric), and fuel cell (hydrogen) drive systems
•developing a wide range of vehicles powered by fuel-efficient petrol and clean diesel engines
•reducing the environmental impact of all our operations
•minimising the natural resources we use in manufacture and maximising recycling and reuse, and
•working with local communities to improve the quality of the environment.

We call this our 360°approach to environmental leadership. We strive to achieve zero emissions, with zero waste across every part of our business. We believe that, given the time and skills, and through Kaizen, this is possible. Our goal is not just to minimise damage to the environment, but to improve it. We believe that the growth and success of our business depend on this.

Toyota Production in Europe
One of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers, Toyota has been operating in Europe since the early 1960s. The company has invested over €7 billion throughout Europe since 1990 and currently employs around 80,000 people – directly and through retailer channels. With its European Head Office in Brussels, Toyota Motor Europe (TME) now operates 9 manufacturing plants. Established in 1992, Toyota Manufacturing (UK) has two facilities, a vehicle plant in Burnaston Derbyshire, and engine plant in Deeside, North Wales. Producing the Avensis and Auris, TMUK has just added the first “full” hybrid vehicle to be produced in Europe to its range with the Auris HV. TMUK was the first automotive factory to achieve the prestigious ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard in 1996 for all its operations.


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